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Community Constellation Gatherings
An Introduction to Family Constellation Healing

Bring a Friend and Come Join Us!

What can Family Constellation/Ancestral Healing do for me? Do you have some important decisions to make? Or an area of your life you’d like to bring more insight into? Have you noticed a repeated pattern in your life that you can’t seem to overcome no matter how hard you try? Constellation work will uncover and clear it for you quickly and effectively.

About Constellation Healing: Family Constellations go to the root cause of an issue, revealing hidden dynamics that help us effectively heal ourselves and our family systems. By discovering and healing the root cause, we can quickly move forward in our lives. Unresolved traumas from our family systems may be the cause some of the most difficult challenges we face. Constellation healing can effectively and quickly resolve unhealed trauma, end repeating patterns and un-entangle us from burdens that are not ours to carry. In only a few sessions, we can resolve issues that may take years using conventional methods.

What You Can Expect: In a group or private Constellation Healing Session you will:

  • Connect with your ancestral lineage to receive their blessings and support.
  • Learn the "Orders of Love," the three important principles of family systems and how to use them: (I) Belonging (II) Balancing Give & Take, and (III) Respecting Social Order
  • Identify where entanglements happen that interrupt the flow of love, and how you can free yourself from unhealthy patterns
  • Tune in to your body’s wisdom, and bring healing to an important area of your life
  • Experience how Constellation Healing can heal you, your family and your life.

Community Constellation Gatherings
Dates for 2019
Saturdays: March 30, April 13, May 11, July 27, August 10, September 21, October 12, November 9, December 14
Time: 10am to 1pm

(Dates subject to change, email Vina to confirm)

Cost: $25 per person, or $20 each for 2 or more, invite your friends and family!
In this monthly series Vina and Vidyasagar facilitate group constellation sessions as a free introduction to the work. Everyone who comes will experience the power of Constellation Healing. There will be an introductory talk, warm up exercises, and then constellations on specific issues.

Want A Constellation Session for Your Issue?
Book early, sessions fill up fast

If you have an issue you would like to heal, you can reserve a guaranteed full group constellation for a fee. Contact Vina for details. Private sessions are also available at your convenience, by appointment.

You won’t want to miss this exceptionally powerful workshop, so tell your friends and come join us! RSVP is required as space is limited.

Location of Workshop: Vina's Studio in Fair Oaks, CA. Receive details upon registration. See below for registration information.

Prefer a Private Constellation Session?
By Appointment: In Person or by Skype
Work one-on-one with Vina in a private appointment for your personal issues. Click here for details.

Register Early, Space is Limited

Location: Vina's Studio in Fair Oaks, CA. Located near Madison and San Juan Avenue. Receive specifics upon registration.

Questions? Call Vina at (916) 505-3037 or by email: creativitynow@comcast.net

Convenient secure online registration with PayPal, or call (916) 505-3037:

$25.00 Per Person
$20.00 Per Person, Special rate for 2 or more

Questions? For information call (916) 505-3037
or send an email to: creativitynow@comcast.net

Vina Parmar, MBA, Facilitator and Creativity CoachAbout the Facilitators
Vina and Vidya Sagar, are professionaly trained Constellation Facilitators, Meditation Instructors, and Spiritual Teachers. We look forward to supporting you in your journey to a rich and fulfilling life.