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Heal the Past, Free Yourself, and Reclaim Your Life

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Got Issues? Get Results with Constellation Sessions!

Do you have some important decisions to make? Or an area of your life you’d like to bring more insight into? Have you noticed a repeated pattern in your life that you can’t seem to overcome no matter how hard you try? Constellation work will uncover and clear it for you quickly and effectively.

"It works, your methods work! Am so grateful to you and will be your best cheerleader from now on! ~Marge

Bring Peace and Healing to These Life Issues:
If you have experienced one or more of the following, you will benefit from constellation sessions:

1. Trauma
2. Depression, anxiety, panic attacks
3. Relationships with spouse
4. Divorce and separation
5. Career and professional issues
6. Financial issues
7. Conflict between family members
8. Early death, loss and grief
9. Health issues, physical or emotional
10. Miscarriages, abortions, and adoptions
11. Ancestral healing, family secrets
12. Survivors of war and their families
13. Victims and perpetrators of crimes. And more.

"Vina's constellation work triggered major changes in my life and swiftly removed all the blocks that were impacting my spiritual and material journey. Her powerful session silently set into motion several events that resulted in swift growth - and all the people and events that were seemingly blocking my progress for several years magically lost their power over me and my life. I would highly recommend Vina and her work to everyone who would like to see a shift in their lives." ~Bindu B.

Create Healthier, More Fulfilling Relationships
Constellation sessions will help you:
• Free yourself from unhealthy family dynamics
• Resolve repeating patterns that are holding you back
• Remove blocks to enjoying prosperity and success in life.
• Restore honor, respect, love and belonging
• Reconnect with your ancestors for strength and support
• Move forward with freedom and joy.

"Thank you, Vina, for your insight, intuition, and heart. You are truly gifted with the ability to put small bits of information together and form a vision of what is going on with a person and his/her family of origin. The session helped both of us understand ourselves and each other better. I'm so glad I have you in my life." ~D.R.

The Power of Constellation Healing
Family Constellations reveal hidden dynamics to effectively heal ourselves and our family systems so that we can move forward in our lives. Unresolved traumas from our family systems may be the cause some of the most difficult challenges we face. Constellation healing can effectively and quickly resolve unhealed trauma, end repeating patterns and un-entangle us from burdens that are not ours to carry. In one session, we can resolve issues that may take years using conventional methods.

"I have done a lot of work on my own, however, I have seen and experienced personally the way constellation healing can help an individual move forward on the path to emotional and spiritual health." ~Rhonda Gruska

FREE 30 Min. Consultation
Work one-on-one with Vina in a private appointment for your personal situation. Vina offers a FREE consultation, 30 minutes long to give an evaluation of your family/organizational system. Consultations are done in person or by Skype. To schedule your session, call 916-505-3037 or click here to email Vina.

"Hi Vina, If I didn't have enough problems already, I'd create some just to come see you so your kind spirit and calming ways would continue to influence my life. Thank you so much for the help and healing you bring to us." ~R.B.

Private Sessions: Individuals, Couples, Organizations
Full Constellation sessions for individuals are generally 1.5 hours long, and are scheduled in person at Vina's office, or by Skype for long distance clients. There are special rates available for multiple packages and longer sessions:

  • Individual Sessions: In-person sessions held in the comfort Vina’s studio or online.
  • Skype Sessions: Don’t let distance stop you! Skype sessions are equally effective.
  • Couples/Family: Sessions are available for with your spouse or family member.
  • Group Sessions: Reserve your individual Constellation during our group workshops.
  • Two Facilitators: Book a session with both Vina and Vidya Sagar
  • Organizational Constellations: Constellation work is highly effective for organizational issues. Contact us for details.

"Just a note of gratitude for you, Vina, in my life ... You have played a huge part in the transformation of me. Thank you." Kathy Green

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Vina Parmar, MBA
Professionally trained as a Constellation Facilitator, Vina is an experienced Workshop Leader and Mandala Artist. As Director of Awakening Creative Arts, Vina has taught self-empowerment workshops on creativity, spirituality, and mandala art for 15 years. Also a yoga and meditation instructor, Vina conducts classes and instructor training programs across North America. Vina brings an authentic and engaging style to constellation healing work.

Vidya Sagar (V.S.) Gibbs
V.S. is an organizational development consultant, working with Fortune 500 corporations around the world. As a Master Facilitator, he contributes significant organizational expertise to constellation sessions. Vidya Sagar also teaches meditation and supervises instructors across North America. V.S. brings valuable depth and a sense of levity to constellation work.

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