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What people are saying...

"I got unblocked! ... The course is a wonderful experience for the accomplished artist, the aspiring artist, and for anyone who hasn't been able to muster the courage to say, 'I am an artist.' Vina is an inspiring teacher. She's kind, she's a brilliant artist, she's a profound thinker. Being 'unblocked' fees great!" Richard Turner, President, Sacramento Fine Arts Center. Richard published his first book, 'My Path,' after taking Artist's Way with Vina

"Vina is one of our more successful presenters. She has been offering workshops for many years now and receives rave reviews from persons who attend. Vina brings a deep sense of spiritual awakening to these classes and many who attend experience life transforming energetic shifts. I highly recommend her course.” - Stephen Chroniak, Events Coordinator, East West Books, Sacramento, CA.

Spring 2007 Class, Dress Up as Your Divine Self

"The Artist's Way taught by Vina Parmar is simply the best spiritual class I have ever taken, and I take many! ... I highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking for ways to develop their creative spirit amidst an atmosphere of love and warmth." Laura Lee, Spiritual Life Center Member

"Vina is an extremely talented artist and facilitator. She is multi-talented and has a grace, presence and professionalism that I thoroughly enjoyed." Brenda G.

"Vina is more than a facilitator. [She] takes you to another place you might have been afraid to go alone. Vina helps you trust the creative process and supports you in your journey. She has made this her course, her Artist's Way... -Julia C.

"The aliveness. The inner awakening. The sweetness of the women. The breakthrough of change. Yes, I highly recommend The Artist's Way." Beverly S.

“I have already recommended the course and sent the book to two of my friends. I enjoyed the students, the instructor and the content. It opened me up to a whole new way of looking at and achieving my goals” —Roger S.

Mandala Workshops and Retreats Testimonials...

Vina's intention and purpose clearly is to help connect us with Spirit so that the creativity that is waiting to be expressed will be released! She does it with such love and enthusiasm, that everyone goes home happy and energized with a successful mandala in their hands. ~ Brenda Boles, Artist (Ranked best artist, Sacramento Magazine)

Mandala Altar at Creativity Retreat Jan 2007

“The mandala process gave me answers about my innermost fears. Until this workshop, I was feeling very anxious … now I can handle whatever happens and still accept myself and others. Thanks, Vina, for sharing the magical process of mandalas. You are a natural, gracious teacher…What a treat!” ~Chidrupa A.

“I enjoyed your depth of mandala knowledge, your ability to create a sacred circle, your kindness, and being a guide for transformation.” ~Marlene S.

“The retreat was magical: heart-opening, healing, calming, and freeing. There was a wonderful balance of meditations, discussions, and creative play via the mandala creation and sacred circle. Thank you.” ~Shantra M.

“This [mandala] weekend was as close to perfect as I could conceive. I enjoyed our leader, Vina, and her ability to take us so deeply into ourselves to tap into our creative abilities and divine love.” ~Laurie W.

Mandala Creativity Retreat January 2007
(Photo of New Year's Retreat, January 2007)

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. The instructor, participants and the setting all contributed to a very powerful and spiritual experience. I appreciate the fact that the experience was so concentrated.” ~Jackie S.

"This is a joyous, empowering, spiritual course. I enjoy being able to “play.” And the meditations are incredible. Thank you." ~Judy W.

"This class has furthered my awakening creative spirit. I look forward to each class and it helps my stress level stay low. It has made me a much more peaceful and positive person. I’ve enjoyed expressing myself through the mandalas, an art form that really resonates with my creative spirit." ~Cindy F.

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